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Grand Fir Hydrosol

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Contentment in a bottle, Grand Fir smells resinous and piney with spiced, sweet undertones. Hydrosols contain the water-soluble components found in the plant as well as microscopic beads of essential oil dispersed throughout. Grand Fir is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and a natural astringent. Use this hydrosol as a toning spritzer for the face before you moisturize or as a refresher throughout the day.


This would make a lovely gift or travel product - Keep one in the car as a quick refresher for after a sweaty hike or whenever the need for a refresh strikes. Easily carried in your purse, glove box, or desk drawer it comes in a 4oz fine mist spritz bottle made of protective, UV-resistant glass. For longest shelf life, store in a cool dark place.

100% Grand Fir Hydrosol (abies grandis)

For External Use Only