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Bathbomb Variety Pack

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Our variety pack offers a range of scents, colors, and fizzy fresh textures!

1 - Rose & Oat: a pink hue with soft foam, low fizz, and a clean rose aroma with rose petals and colloidal oat

2 - Chamomile & Oat: light color, soft foam, low fizz, and a floral, woodsy, clean aroma with dried chamomile and colloidal oat

3 - Citrus & Cedar Fizz: bubbly fizzy foam, citrus & sugared cedar aroma with cedar leaf powder

4 - Cedar & Kelp Fizz: bubbly fizzy foam, warm & woodsy aroma. Kelp powder fizzing embed and cedar leaf powder

5 - Sea Salt & Charcoal: bubbly fizzy foam, cool, crisp clean aroma. Blue embed to evoke a cleansing day at the beach

6 - NW Berry: bubbly fizzy foam, deep jammy berry aroma. Red embed to evoke juicy seasonal berries 

In either clean and clear recycled and recyclable plastic, or plastic free paper cartons.